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With a team of Indian, British and Chinese math and education specialists, the HeyMath group basically said to itself: If you were a parent anywhere in the world and you noticed that Singapore kids, or Indian kids or Chinese kids, were doing really well in math, wouldn't you like to see the best textbooks, teaching and assessment tools, or the lesson plans that they were using to teach fractions to fourth graders or quadratic equations to 10th graders? And wouldn't it be nice if one company then put all these best practices together ... That's HeyMath.

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  • About HeyMath!

    Developed in formal collaboration with the University of Cambridge since the year 2000, HeyMath! has a mission to create a flat world curriculum by diligently seeking out proven best practices from great teachers and discerning parents around the world.

    Used by learners and educators in over 50 countries, HeyMath! helps deepen mathematical content knowledge while enhancing classroom lessons and instruction.

    Our lessons have been extensively field tested in Singapore - a country that has been ranked #1 for math proficiency globally in a study conducted by the American Institutes of Research, and consistently outperforms in TIMSS surveys. They meet curriculum criteria set by:

    Singapore: Cambridge General Certificate of Education
    India: CBSE and ICSE
    South Africa: Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)
    California Learning Resources Network
    Massachusetts Department of Education for Javits Gifted and Talented Education Grants
  • Developed with advice from the Millenium Mathematics Project, University of Cambridge
  • Featured as an example of globalisation in education in Thomas L. Friedman's bestseller 'The World is Flat'
  • Awarded Partner of the Academy of Singapore Teachers in 2012 for contributions toward the professional development of teachers
  • Recognised in the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards for 2011 in the Innovation Category
  • Used by 500,00 students and 4000 teachers in over 50 countries
  • Testimonials

    HeyMath! is willing to listen to us, make changes to their e-learning program, so as to customize it to teacher and student needs. If you have any ideas, call them - and they are more than willing to turn your dreams into reality... which is what they have done for us in this research study

    – Curriculum Head, Bowen Secondary School, Singapore

    think that HeyMath! is going to change the way Math is looked at by my students.

    – Teacher, Commerce Middle School, New York

    Thank you so much for all of your assistance. I really appreciate it. You are now only to blame for my son's and my own tiredness. We were up late, (very very late) working through a number of your 5th grade exercises. Nigel is flat-out delighted. Your programming inspired yet another child to redouble his interests mathematically. Thanks. I mean it.

    – Richard Law Parent / Teacher, Strath Haven Middle School, Pennsylvania

    I'd like to let you know that my daughter and I are tremendously impressed by the HeyMath! content. It is like a bag of peanuts or, as you say in the UK, of crisps: it's hard to stop once you've begun "consuming" the instructional java applets. While it is wonderful, as we expected, to be able to roam the entire range of 5th- to-12th-grade Math, it is even more exciting to discover that even at the very start of the lowest grade represented, you have a fascinating and entertaining presentation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes. While my daughter was familiar with it already, there is nothing like seeing the concept animated! So we are thrilled, and wish to thank you for your help.

    – Parent of Emily Black, Grade 6, Homeschooler

    Very useful and will be planning to use in 2006-07 school year.

    – Joe Giamportone, New York City Department of Education

    We are interested in using grades in 5-11 for approximately 300 students. The teachers are very excited about trying this.

    – Anthony Ayette, School Counselor/Intervention Coordinator, Mississinawa Valley Schools, Ohio

    I find it so helpful...particularly to the student who has trouble with word problems.

    – Randy Dehetre, Lewiston Middle School, Maine

    My teachers and students have been using HeyMath! since 2007 and we have always been very satisfied with the full pectrum of activities and content that HeyMath! has provided...

    – Mr Benjamin Yong, HoD Maths, Northbrooks Secondary School, Singapore

    We continue to be very enthusiastic about your service. Yesterday Louis brought home his report card and his marks in Math are his best. Where he had covered exactly the same topic in class as on the site (multiples, factors and fractions), he had straight A's. If only you offered the same product for grammar and spelling! Just for information: we are US citizens and English-speaking, but Louis is also French and is actually in the French school system.

    – Parent of Louis Fournier, Grade 5 student

    It was great that I encountered some more difficult sums in this practice! :D

    – Student, Secondary 1, River Valley School, Singapore

    I must say that I am very impressed with all that I have seen up to this point, and we are thrilled to have found you! I am rapidly telling everyone I know that you are a wonderful resource for Math instruction! Thanks so much!

    – Parent of Christopher Palmer, Grade 5, Homeschooler

    The Lesson Report for July was fabulous. It helps close in on the students who are lagging in their daily assignment and help me to monitor them very closely. Thank you so much. This is really helping me to track the work rate of my students and helps me identify the students who are not doing much. Please keep this coming. Cheers!

    – Mr Rajendram Chelliah, Subject Head, Loyang Secondary School, Singapore

    HeyMath! has helped Westport to respond to the "mile wide, inch deep" criticism of traditional math programs. The Westport experience with HeyMath! has been extremely positive. In summary, HeyMath! has helped us to enrich our curriculum, to deepen student understanding, to increase the efficiency of instruction, & to provide constant availability of on-line tutoring.

    – Frank Corbo, Mathematics Coordinator, Westport Public Schools, CT

    We are very excited about enrolling with HeyMath! We are impressed with the lessons, particularly with the animated aspect. Our school is specifically for students with learning disabilities and this population typically visualizes poorly, especially abstract concepts.

    – Maria Malo, Director, DeSoto High School, Florida

    Much better than what our systems has paid BIG money to license.

    – Teacher, East Robertson High School, Tennessee

    If the answers are wrong or even if they are correct, we have the facility of seeing if the workout is correct. If an answer is wrong, we are able to find out where the mistake is made. 3 cheers!

    – Student, Class 7, PSBB School, Chennai, India

    Now I like pie charts and I can solve any question on this topic.

    – Student, Secondary 1, Singapore

    Much better than what our systems has paid BIG money to license.

    – Teacher, East Robertson High School, Tennessee

    HeyMath! is a tool that students can use at home to re-enforce the Math lessons that are taught in school.

    – Teacher, Wellesley Schools, Massachusetts

    It not only helps the visual learners to understand certain concepts better, it also provides teachers with good teaching tools and resources to improve their teaching. One word to describe HeyMath! Fantastic.

    – Mr. Ng Ding Zhong, Bukit Panjang Govt High School

    I think this is a very fun and interesting way of learning mathematics and it helps users to be more efficient in their problem solving skills such that students can be quicker and faster not to waste any time in examinations.

    – Adrian Chong Wei Jie, Sec 3K Anglican High School

    This program is really good! We all have fun with the games and we get to learn mathematics at the same time. Loo Jia Yin, Sec 3A3

    – , Clementi Town Secondary School

    Good repeated drilling of questions...

    – Student, Secondary 1, Anglican High School, Singapore

    The problems were challenging for students and motivated them to find solutions.

    – Teacher, John Burroughs Middle School, California

    I am enjoying HeyMath!, I feel it will benefit students as well as me.

    – Teacher, Union County Public Schools, Georgia

    As a teacher I can tell you that your site is an excellent tool to help students to understand Math concepts.

    – Teacher, Galena Park High, Houston, Texas

    I have found the site to be fascinating, especially as U.S. students come face to face with the level of work his/her peers are working on in other parts of the globe. I have been able to use many parts of HeyMath! to augment and supplement topics covered in HH with challenging material. It has been a wonderful find for me.

    – Jim Sullivan, Keith Valley Middle School, Pennsylvania

    By far, the biggest advantage of HeyMath! has been students learning how to learn. Their dependence on the teacher was broken; and they found that they could learn without having first been given instruction by the teacher's explanation. ... Last year was a great success for the 5th grade through 8th grade students...I want to share what I'm getting ready for my students with the teacher next to me. Based of her observation of the students doing HeyMath! and the fantastic results, she, too, has decided to include HeyMath! in her 2-8 multi-grade classroom curriculum.

    – Nina Brady Midnight Sun Family Learning Center

    It's professional content. It's moving, active and professionally done. It's inherently engaging. What HeyMath! does is to give sufficient examples to really explain "why" it is, and extend from that idea into a lesson. The Cristo Rey math teachers were really impressed by your team's responsiveness to our suggestions! It all works like a charm. Kudos! Great work. The kids really love HeyMath

    – Kenneth Meehan, Teacher, Cristo Rey New York High School

    I am very happy with all the lessons. It saved me time and effort to create the package.

    – Mrs. Peh Kok Wah, Presbyterian High School

    I like the "check your understanding" sections as it give students feedback on their learning.

    – Mr. Chan Wai Soen, Head of Math, Anglican High School, Singapore

    I love your website so much I might visit it everyday.

    – Student, Grade 5, Lowell School District